As is known the world fashion industry is very mobile and changes rapidly. In recent years, the horizon of the fashion business more and more Asian stars light up. They bring the eastern luxury and intricacy of the European culture of elegant clothes. Today we are glad to present you a brand new company BENHIL. Our company develops and produces original fashion for girls and young women. At the head of the company are its creators - sisters and Benazir & Hilol. The older sister Benazir - the designer, the author of all the new collections, the inspirer of modern ideas. Junior - Hilol - is the engine of the company, she is responsible for translating into reality the beautiful images created by Benazir. Born in Tajikistan, in early childhood girls moved with their parents to China. Both brilliantly graduated from the University of Shanghai. Benazir's specialty is a Fashion Designer, and Hilol's -Luxury Marketing & Management. The sisters are fluent in three languages: English, Chinese and Russian. The girls travel a lot and their vivid impressions bring to the development of original models. Since childhood, Benazir and Hilol dreamed of creating their own clothing: bright, modern and memorable. And now they do it. If you want to look like a Hollywood superstar and shine in the rays of spotlights directed at you, clothes and shoes from BENHIL are exactly for you! If you highly value top quality, natural materials and the best development of leather, BENHIL clothing and footwear is what you need! BENHIL was created for those who love eclecticism, fresh ideas and unconventional outlook. Hurry up, join the club of our fans.

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